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  • Makes great family protection
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  • Takes just 2 AA Batteries That Last Around 6 months!

Home security tips: Dummy security cameras offer great burglary defense and are a great deterrent against crime!

A great burglary defense that offers home protection cheaper than other home protection devices!

This simulated security camera is also a motion activated camera!!
Fake security surveillance cameras are simple to mount on any wall or ceiling. They're an easy, cost-effective way to help prevent crime. This Fake Security Camera looks so real right down to the motion sensor that detects sudden movements and flashing red light! Our fake security camera will give trespassers discouragement while giving you home security! Why pay for expensive security surveillance cameras when you can get triple the cameras for less than the price of one expensive home security camera?
The Realistic simulated security camera is an affordable home security product simple to use and easy to mount and offers SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND! Pick up several of them and strategically place them around your property; the fake security camera really does sweep back and forth in surveillance mode when someone walks past tripping the sensor! Don't settle for other discount security cameras when ours looks and acts like the real thing!
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According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, property crime makes up slightly more than three-quarters of all crime in the United States! Overall, in about 85% of all burglaries, the offender gained entry into the victims residence... In about 77% of all motor vehicle thefts, the vehicle was stolen. Crime deterrents are a necessity in today's world. Ensuring that your property is protected is a priority. Don't become another statistic.
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